JOHN LENNON "Starting Over"  (DVD Package Concept & Design) For the official DVD packaging, John's vision from the music video is reflected in his iconic glasses. The names of everyone who worked on the video grace the back and come together to create Lennon's face.
  ROCK & ROLL HALL OF FAME "Strawberry Fields"   (Unconventional Invitation)  To announce & invite people to the   John Lennon, The NYC Years   exhibit at   The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Annex   in New York, invitations disguised as strawberries were mounted on stakes and planted in the   Strawberry Fields   section of New York’s Central Park–for pedestrians to find. INSIGHT: The original   Strawberry Fields   was a Salvation Army children’s home in Liverpool where John Lennon often played as a child. later with   The Beatles  , Lennon wrote a song about it titled   Strawberry Fields Forever  . After John Lennon died, a section of Central Park located directly across the street from where he lived was dedicated in Lennon’s memory and named   Strawberry Fields  .
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